Why you belong here?

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post. It can be deleted or edited to make it your own.


It´s the 25th December. Stretching the most magical body I own, I take a deep breath in and slowly release the joy. The cold air hits my cheeks and I open my eyes to another christmas morning. The tradition in our family is to get up early and meet in the living room with a hot mug of freshly brewed coffee. Knowing this, I pull the covers back and hop out of bed. The bathroom routine includes splashing copious amounts of ice cold water on my face to ensure my eyes open fully. This is followed by rigorous teeth brushing as I know there are lots of people to wish. A quick brush of the wild mane, then I head downstairs in my pj´s. I´m the first up and there are no prizes given for this event except a complimentary mug of hot brew. The rattling of the kitchen cupboards wakes up the rest of the household. I better prepare coffee mugs for everyone, I tell myself. As they meander downstairs and grab the unexpected coffee, a thankful smile falls across their faces. I just know I belong. The first sip is enough to get bodies awake and vocal chords exercised as we hug and wish each other a very merry christmas. This day is not about the presents but the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you are surrounded by unconditional love from everyone you know. This is why I belong. More proof shows up later as members of the extended family arrive for lunch. The hugs are genuine. Heart to heart. There are no mobile phones to distract the face to face communication. I look into eyes of all colours and feel as though I can touch the insides of their souls. I know why I belong. Why do you belong? Not matter what your answer, YOU belong here. 💕