Christmas means so many different things t0 all of us. No two people can honestly say they have the same intensity of emotions, the same connection to  Christmas, the same vibration to the ambience of this festive season. For me …. connecting with family is so special. I get to do it once a year with most members of my family as we are scattered all over the world. The bulk of the bodies come from every corner of the UK. The rest fly in from Spain, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, The Bahamas and the USA. Others are connected via Skype from Vancouver, New Zealand, Toronto, South Africa. England is our base. Our Christmas gathering is on the 26th December, Boxing Day. The excitement builds up a year before as we say goodbye to each other and pencil in the next family gathering for 365 days time. One brave member volunteers to host the event. In this case it has been Aunty Patty who has the accommodation large enough to house us, the cooking facilities to cope with feeding enough h”angry birds” and parking space for the numerous modes of transport, excluding the jumbo jets.. which sit on the runways of Gatwick airport. Thank you England for the good weather on every Boxing Day that has allowed easy travelling. Before we even arrive on the day, you can see the plethora of detailed plans everyone needs to execute to make this yearly event possibly plausible. Read the follow up post as we look at the minute details of ….