People are the same everywhere we go….


That is true when the sun is shining. Spain is renowned for having over 200 days of sunshine and even more days if you happen to live along the Costa Calida. People are open, friendly and full of energy. My previous house in Sucina was a 3 minute walk to the local post office and it took me an hour or more to get back home because there were so many friendly faces to have a chat with and catch up with the latest gossip.

On my travels to New Zealand on the 23 June, I flew into Gatwick with a 12 hour transit so my lovely aunt Patty picked me up from the airport and we spent an afternoon walking in the sunshine of some beautiful gardens kept by the National Trust society. There were a lot of hello exchanges and not only that but little tit bits of conversation. That’s a very different England to the wintery England. And most welcome too. Everyone seemed to have more time to engage and engage genuinely.

From Gatwick, I flew to Dubai with a short 2 hour lay over before boarding a direct flight  to Aukland. That photo above was taken by a friendly couple whilst I waited for my connecting flight to Palmerston North. We joked and chatted about the fantastic sunshine the capital was having in the middle of winter. Everyone who passed by stopped to comment on the weather and it gave me an opportunity to engage in some local kiwi talk. Thank you Mr sunshine. I didn’t pack my sunglasses for nothing.


Author: Gerry Hatherall

I’m like you; human from planet Earth. Born in the 20th century!!

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