The Tourist


The skies are blue and clear. It’s a beautiful, mild day for a bit of an adventure. I can’t possibly sit indoors. Now that would be a waste of potential energy. If you don’t know me well, allow me to give you a taste of my energy. It never sits still. The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that I was a cat of some sort or other prowling the wide open spaces, looking for freedom, looking for adventure, looking for opportunities to learn about the wild environment. I go into the town centre with mum and dad who think going to the shopping mall will surely quell some of that energy. After half an hour of browsing the shops (yuk!!!) my dad asks if I’m ready to go home. Are you crazy? I think to myself. go home to four walls? go home to sitting on my butt? Now way and I shake my head. Imagine giving a kid a new toy and after half an hour telling them to give it back. No way!

And that’s my answer out loud “No way”. My soul needs to see the blue skies, the white fluffy clouds, the zooming motorcars spluttering and oozing the G19 plus 1 Paris agreement on climate change allowance. I want to be out there in the jungle looking for my freedom, my adventure, my opportunity to learn. I’m left to my own device and told to phone once I’m done in the town centre and a lift would promptly collect me. Only I didn’t bring my mobile phone. Why would a free spirit like me need technology? Right? I hug them both goodbye even though I would be returning to the four walls in less than four hours.


Author: Gerry Hatherall

I’m like you; human from planet Earth. Born in the 20th century!!

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