Pubs – The Prince of Wales…

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One pint mate

Ever asked yourself “What is a pub?” Bet you answered it’s a British building where people gather with friends and usually have alcoholic drinks and chat. The Urban Dictionary states it should be a place where you feel comfortable the whole day and even  take children to in the earlier hours. Well, according to me, a pub is not a place I feel comfortable in. Why would I want to spend the whole day there (unless of course you happen to be the landlord/lady). It’s not a place to chat to with your friends because the noise levels are usually so high you can’t understand each other unless you’ve taken lessons in sign language. It’s a place they dump all the people I don’t get on well with and get them drunk so that they think they’re doing well in life and if they aren’t, then not to worry because alcohol doesn’t mind who it associates with.

How do I come by such a definition? At the Prince of Wales Pub which Bill and I ran for over a couple of years, I watched sensible people walk in, get converted to stuporous, sluggish and drugged states only to return for more of the same the very next day. One fine afternoon as I was getting ready to do a shift, my husband notice that look on my face, that determined look in my eye and asked “What’s wrong honey?” I looked at him, paused  and explained “You know, it upsets me to see all these wonderful people get so drunk. I’m going to go in there today and tell them all that there is life outside the pub. There is a world just waiting to be explored and discovered. Take your hard earned money and do something you’ll appreciate in life.”

Before I could say another word, my husband scratched my name off the duty rota and told me to take the rest of the year off.